Springville High School does “Blame it on the Worm” by DJ Earworm in Springville, Utah


The cultural referencing here is stellar. It’s one part tribute to the best dub ever, one part self-reflexive spoof on the emptiness of dub culture (1st Annual event engineered for the “Traditions” Assembly) and one part representation of the incarcerated mashup generation. Thanks for this trinity of a dub Springville. Thank you thank you thank you!

UPV does the Glee Version of “Jump” by Van Halen at a salacious Spanish Hostel

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Remember when you weren’t jaded? When you were young and just dreamed of travelling and meeting new people and exploring new ideas, attitudes, sensations and viewpoints?

I can’t either. But this clip by a group of Spanish Youth Hostelites reminded me to try to remember. Sometimes you just gotta get out of bed and try to Jump I guess. Bravo, bravo.

Netanya Academic College does “Bad Romance” by Stefani Germanotta in Israel


Aspiring dubbers can take a page from their book. It’s little wonder that a Gaga tune lends itself incredibly well to this art form. The dramatis personae here have little work to do – the song does most of it for them. Nice spiral to romance. Gagalicious costumes. What’s not to love?

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